Establishing PM Roles and Responsibilities and PMBOK® Compliant Processes (PM R&R)

Establishing PM Roles and Responsibilities and PMBOK® Compliant Processes (PM R&R)

Course Description:

Advanced Business Learning’s approach to high performing project management teams starts with ensuring our clients have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for program managers, project managers and product managers that are relevant to each client’s project management environment.  PM R&R design is based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Course Objectives: As a result of this training participants will be able to:
– yield greater organizational capacity (ability to get more work achieved with existing resources)
– create sustainable pace (reduced overtime required; reduced project chaos)
– improve project requirements’ collection and management
– increase accuracy of project estimate
– effectively manage project scope change
– effectively identify and manage risks
– improve overall project efficiency, communications and coordination

In each lesson, ABL’s Instructor presents general roles and responsibilities per project management knowledge area (Lessons 1-7). Participants are guided and learn how to redefine, make explicit, and reformulate the generic definitions provided by ABL to their own project management environment.

Week 1 (5 days/40 hours)
Lesson 1:  Framework & Initiating
                Project Environment
                Project Management Framework
                Initiating Process Group
                Develop Project Charter
                Identify Stakeholders
Lesson 2: Strategic Planning
                Plan Quality Management
                Plan Human Resource Management
                Plan Procurement Management
Lesson 3: Communications Skills
                Communicate to Collect Requirements
                Communicate to Team Members, Stakeholders, Leaders to Define Scope,
                Deliverables, Timelines, Reach Agreement and Manage Expectations

Lesson 4: Plan Risk Management
               Identify Risks
               Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Week 2 (5 days/40 hours)
Lesson 4 Continued:
               Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
               Plans Risk Responses
Lesson 5: Time Planning
                Plan Schedule Management
                Define Activities
                Sequence Activities
                Estimate Activity Resources
                Estimate Activity Durations
                Develop Schedule
Lesson 6: Cost Planning
                Plan Cost Management
                Estimate Costs
                Determine Budget
                Perform Quality Assurance
Lesson 7: Close of Project Processes
                Collect All Project Documents
                Obtain Final Acceptance
                Archive Documents
                Record Lessons Learned