Project Management Documentation Training (PMDT)

Project Management Documentation Training (PMDT)

Course Description:
Advanced Business Learning’s approach to high performing project management teams ensures our clients apply the PMBOK framework for maximum efficiencies in the areas of scope, schedule, cost, and risk through the utilization of ABL’s brand templates.

Course Objectives: As a result of this training participants will be able to:
■ yield greater organizational capacity (ability to get more work achieved with existing resources)
■ create sustainable pace (reduced overtime required; reduced project chaos)
■ improve project requirements’ collection and management
■ increase accuracy of project estimate
■ effectively manage project scope change
■ effectively identify and manage risks
■ improve overall project efficiency, communications and coordination

Course prerequisite: CAPM or PMP 5-day boot camp
The object of project management is to produce a complete project which complies with the client’s objectives and unique project management environment. PMDT is advanced training for Project Managers, Program Managers and Product Managers in how to create, adopt and implement the approved practical project management artifacts on a consistent basis.

ABL provides its brand templates in the 10 PMBOK areas.
■ Project integration
■ Project scope management
■ Project time management
■ Project cost management
■ Project quality management
■ Project Human Resource Management
■ Project Communication Management
■ Project Risk Management
■ Project Procurement Management
■ Project Stakeholder Management

This training focuses on the proper use and completion of these templates in order to bring together the processes and activities necessary for the project to exist beyond its parts. Without integration and linkages between and among the 10 areas, the project is nothing more than a series of individual tasks and goals. Once the components are identified and defined within the templates, integrated around the scope to be produced, the project is sufficiently defined to be accepted and accomplish its intended outcomes. Client specific Macro-enabled templates for long term self-regulation and autonomous sustainability are the final output of this training